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The Best of Mysore Walk - Tour
  • Town Hall, Ashoka Road
  • 3 Hours 30 Minutes

The Best of Mysore Walk

₹ 2,000

If there is just one tour that you have to pick while in Mysore, this would be the one!! Join us on our most popular tour, a combination of our Royal Walk + Food Tour, the Best of Mysore tour. Experience the best the city has to offer. You start the tour at 5pm with the Royal Walk and continue the food tour right after. Royal Walk A guided tour in the heart of the city, starting at the ​Townhall​ we walk past some grand old structures such as the ​king  statues,​ and slowly unfold the ​story of Mysore​. Learn about the ​opulent lives of the maharajas​ and about the lifestyle of one of the richest men in the world. Feast your senses, while you taste the city’s most famous culinary offering – ​Mysore pak​, a melt in your mouth sweet from the very place where it was first crafted and immerse yourself,in the vibrancy and colours of the ​century old Devaraja Market, ​and all that it has to offer. End your walk at the historic relic, the ​Dufferin clock tower​. This walk not only gives you a comprehensive understanding and feel of Mysore, but it’s  also a delight for photographers!  Food Tour Mysore boasts several culinary delicacies such as the ​Mysore Masala Dosa​,​ Mysore Pak​, Mysore Filter Coffee​ and more. On this food walk, you get to try some of these world famous delicacies as well as the local favourites, from true hole-in-the-wall joints. Discover the fascinating stories behind the creation of these mouth-watering dishes. If you take your food as seriously as we do, then you are in good company!