Join us on this tour of Srirangapatna, an island formed by the river Cauvery and understand why this region is historically and culturally significant.

Learn about the spirited battles fought between Tipu Sultan and the British and how it shaped the history of this region and its implications on world history.

Take in the picturesque countryside and the rustic way of life.


4 Hours Available on request
What makes this tour special
  • History

Of all the battles that the British army has fought around the world, the richest haul has been in the war of Srirangapatna

  • Countryside

Take in the picturesque countryside and the rustic way of life

  • The Jeep

A vintage open jeep with a WWII engine. Now, who doesn’t like a topless model?


A mere 20 mins drive from Mysore brings you to a beautiful river island​ enclosed by the river Cauvery, Srirangapatna which was also the erstwhile capital of Tipu. You’ll visit the ​Srirangapatna Fort ​and get insights on the famous ​Anglo-Mysorean Wars​ that were fought in this region, while we weave in its interesting connections to the American War of Independence, the French Revolution and the Battle of Waterloo. 
Get a peek into ​Colonel Bailey's dungeons​ that confined British ​prisoners​ during Tipu’s rule, and also get insights into Srirangapatna’s ​religious history​, while you get the opportunity to witness the ​Hindu Rituals of Death​ by the banks 
of ​river Cauvery​. Ending things on a ​sweeter note​, you’ll not only get to try some of the finest ​Jaggery ​(an extremely popular unrefined form of cane sugar, that’s used vastly in Indian cooking), but you’ll also get to explore a local Jaggery factory​ and see the process of making it. 
Enjoy all of this glory that Srirangapatna has to offer, while you take in the lush greenery and the rustic life, 
of this little island paradise.