The Mysore palace, home to the Mysore royal family, is an architectural masterpiece. It is one the grandest palaces not just in India but the world. The Palace is a tribute to Indian art, the planning, the workmanship, the attention to detail and what it took to build such a magnificent edifice is a story in itself. Join on us on this journey to undercover the story of one of THE most visited monuments in the country! 


Duration: 90 minutes

Price: ₹ 400/person


1 Hour 30 Minutes Available on request
What makes this tour special
  • The role of the Mysore royal family in shaping the palace and Mysore.  

  • Stories of the construction of the Mysore Palace

  • Architectural insights about the Mysore Palace



What will the tour entail?

  • The local and the global connections to the Mysore Palace

  • Behind the scene stories of the construction of the Palace

  • A deep dive into the wall paintings of the Mysore Palace

  • A peek into the lives of the erstwhile royal family 


How does it work?

  • This is an interactive, fun and engaging virtual tour hosted via zoom with live storytelling, this is not a 360degree, AR or VR tour. 

  • We’ll use videos, images, maps and satellite imagery

  • Once you book the tour you will receive the zoom link and other details by mail