What’s in our gully?

Just like our name, we head out in search of stories in the hidden narrow alleyways of places. We tag along with people who love to explore and uncover secretive and not-so secretive parts of Bangalore and Mysore. 

And we have been doing this since 2009. Our gully escapades actually started in the lanes of Singapore. After spending his days as a techie in Singapore, our founder, Vinay was looking for things to do over the weekend. He signed up for a tour in the old quarter of Singapore. Slowly, he started travelling extensively across South-east Asia and exploring cities, towns, and villages on his travels..

He says, “Singapore as a city county receives more tourists than India. And if you look closer home, we have over 5000 years of history, culture, and communities. What we lack is the creativity in creating awareness and presenting it better. We have so much to offer in India, and I couldn’t wait to get back and bring Indian stories to the world. And that’s where I started Royal Mysore Walks in Mysore.”

The early editions of tours were only in Mysore and were a big hit with locals and tourists alike. In 2016, we branched out to multiple cities across India, and thus Royal Mysore Walks became Gully Tours - a pan-Indian storyteller through trails.



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